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The Accused


JULY 26th 2017 Moribund Cult & Pig Records present:

The Accused

Murder In Montana    

Catalog #: PIG079CD / PIG079LP



    “Some of those earlier shows we did were historically noteworthy,” reminisces Tommy Niemeyer, guitarist and founder of the Accused. One of those noteworthy moments occurred in the summer of 1983. The Accused, along with the Rejectors and Montana's own Deranged Diction were booked to perform at The Forum in Missoula Montana. The dance floor had 'Dance 'til You Puke' etched into it. “The music on The Accused ‘Murder in Missoula’ LP is 34 minutes of 50-grit sandpaper across your face; it's rare, unearthed audio documentation with a raw, unedited, genuine appeal. Close your eyes, turn up the volume and be whisked-back in time as The Accused blast through more than a half-hour of gritty, pissed-off three-chord-punk songs; all while poking, instigating and shouting at the crowd of bewildered rednecks. The historic 1983 punk rock invasion of Montana was the brainchild of one Jeff Ament, who catapulted into mega-rock fame with his current band Pearl Jam.



The Accused have created a new genre called ‘Splatter Rock’ that’s here to stay.” -Subway Magazine

“Considered by many to be one of the very best crossover acts.” -Punky Gibbon

“They created a form of music called ‘Splatter-Core.’” -Mark’s Record Reviews

“…an influence on everyone from Lamb Of God, Cannibal Corpse, Dead Cross and Municipal Waste” -Metal Nexus

“The Accused were untouchable. The whole band was in a frenzy of epileptic gyrations.” -In Music We Trust


*Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam engineered the live recording.

*This record has never been issued or released before in any format!

*The Accused were inducted into Decibel Magazines “Hall of Fame” in Issue #175, May 2019 with a 6-page feature!

* Colored-vinyl and a full color inside sleeve make this a real collector’s item


Track Listing:

1. Political Nightmare *                               2. Gain Green

3. Live Our Own Lives                                4. No Reason

5. In A Death Bed                                       6. Life’s A Waste *

7. Get The Hell Out                                     8. Wake The Fuck Up

9. Undesirables                                          10. Like You

11. God In A Blue & White Car                    12. Teachers

13. A Child These Days                              14. Un-named

15. Tomorrow Belongs To Me                     16. Bored Teenager

17. What About Later?                                18. Bring The Riots To The U.S.A.

19. Reality                                                  20. I’m A Mistake


Also Available from Moribund / PIG Records by The Accused:

Shut The Fuck Up & Listen Volume IX 7” Compilation featuring the Accused UPC 710144925564.

Accused / Potbelly split 7” (Songs of Horror & Alcoholism)

Coming soon – The Accused / Dehumanizers “The Infamous Kitsap Ferry Riot Split” 7”





Shut the Fuck Up & Listen Vol. 10




Various Artists

Title: Shut The Fuck Up & Listen Volume 10

Catalog #: PIG075 7”EP



Volume X of the world’s most sinister punk/metal compilation seven inch has arrived. Featuring randomly mixed colors, this tenth addition literally screams as evidenced by the Screaming Bloody Mary’s whom are joined by hardcore veterans Potbelly, Fang, the Dayglo Abortions and the new generation bands Proud Failures, Bathsalt’s Brigade, Monobosco, and PX15. The first volume was produced in 2008 and has been an annual treat ever since. The comp has featured the likes of Jello Biafra, The Misfits, DOA, Koffin Kats, GG Allin, El Duce, Dehumanizers and way beyond the capacity of this space. This blend of the various genres of music mix some very short songs by both name bands and newer bands climbing the scene. Volume X opens up with Proud Failures ‘Fat Guy’ from the Northwestern corner of the USA and closes with neighborly ‘Cockroaches’ brought across the U.S Border by those dazzling Canadian’s, the Dayglo Abortions. This is a fun record and lives up to its name. Fun! Fun! Fun!

It’s getting to the point where nearly everyone in the world owns at least one copy of one volume of Shut The Fuck Up & Listen in their vinyl collection. Tally ho…until number fucking 11!



“Robert Fripp said being progressive is attitude rather than a genre…that’s a good description for the Shut The Fuck Up & Listen Series” KFLM Radio & Croatia Free Press Written Review (Croatia) -Hrovje Bubic’

“The tracks are so short that it’s hard to keep your head straight.” Razorcake Magazine (LA) -Steve Adamyk


Track Listing:

1. Proud Failures “Fat Guy”

2. Screaming Bloody Mary’s “Don’t Count Me Out”

3. Fang “We Die Alone”

4. Bathsalt’s Brigade “Dare I Say”

5. Monobosco “Wasted Youth” *

6. PX 15 “Burning Cities”

7. Potbelly “Worker’s Song”

8. Dayglo Abortions “Cockroaches”


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Coming soon – Shut The Fuck Up & Listen Volume XI



Dayglo Abortions “Cockroaches”


Fang “We Die Alone”




UPCOMING RELEASE (3.8.19): MDC/Riot Cop split EP


MDC = FOUR DECADES OF INTERNATIONAL PUNK ROCK!!! Forty Years ago  this radical Texas twist begun it’s eternal march to play every stage in the punk rock world and they’ve since damn near duplicated that task many times over. North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe and…(oh no, they missed Antarctica.) That’s right, Millions of Dead Cops have been around for forty years and have performed in six out of seven continents. Sounds like a cereal commercial when in fact it is a serious question. “What the Trump is going on?” Sit back and let MDC answer that question. MEIN TRUMPF! From the perspective of the 99 Percenters.

RIOT COP = WON’T STAND IDLE AT YOUR FETTERED GATES! Police riot shooting peppered rounds all over the people. A female cop leads the charge. Activists are given no escape as police randomly beat the crowd with steel weighted batons. At this point you will see frontman Alex Lilly on the front lines with a camera and thoughts of songs and paintings brewing in his peppered beaten mind. What would Little Alex change if he could? “It’s not a question of change, it’s a question of resistance,” so says the musician and painter. His band, Riot Cop, deliver piercing raw sounds with unique representations often performed live at Alex’s gallery. Very unique with a very hardcore approach to standing up for what he believes in.



UPCOMING RELEASE (3.8.19): V/A = “Four Way Split Fucking 7”


West Coast legends Fang from East Bay in Oakland and Potbelly from Seattle take on the world and Billy Club from England takes on the fight on behalf of the Queen, God Save Her! Fang opens up the battle with “This Means War”, followed by a drunken salute from Potbelly. Fang is now creeping towards their fourth decade of performing punk rock, while Potbelly creeps towards their third decade. Born Sick is a hardcore punk band based around recovery and sober partying. “Drugs and Alcohol Once Ruled Our Lives.” In 1995 Billy Club formed in Lancashire England and have been going very strong for 23 plus years. Billy Club features former Exploited, UK Subs, Broken Bones, and GBH member Karl Morris on guitar.


UPCOMING RELEASE (3.1.19): V/A: “Shut The Fuck Up & Listen” Volume IX 7in.


“Shut The Fuck Up & Listen” is one of the world’s most successful alternative/punk compilation seven inch series and Volume IX is almost here. Featuring wildly random mixed colors. This delicacy spreads across the U.S. nation like warm butter. Bomb Squad from Portland, Oregon opens up this gem. Followed by Moose’s Last Stand straight outta of Texas. ‘Low Brow on the HiFi’ crashes forward from Chicago born Los Eskeletos. San Diego’s non stop touring machine Some Kind of Nightmare blister into the heavy-hitting splatter-rock founders ‘the Accused.’ Famed Potbelly apparently believes in ‘Castration.’ Recently deceased Robby Cleary fronts Bellingham, Washington based Boxcutter for the last time. (Rest In Punk Robby!) The record is rounded out by a few more local acts, Lumps, Pill Brigade, and Benoit, and then closed on a very high note. “White Wolf” by the internationally acclaimed Zeke. Can’t wait for Volume X!



Recently Released (11.30.18): DI/POTBELLY split 7in. EP, "Dethrone Your Masters"


DI = IS LITERALLY A MUSEUM OF PUNK ROCK!!! Nearly four decades of DI and they continue to feature every legend of punk. The band was originally founded by members of Social Distortion and the Adolescents, but the line-up has a rotating cast which has included musicians from Christian Death, The Dickies, X-Pistols, Kottonmouth Kings, 45 Grave and Aversion. A DI show is like a visit to the punk rock hall of fame and a DI split 7” record with Potbelly is like picking up a souvenir from that hall. Once you play it you’ll have a “Disease” which will lead to “Punk Rock Suicide.”

POTBELLY = IS A HARDCORE BAND WITH OVER ONE 1,000 SONGS IN THEIR REPERTOIRE!!! This back breaking bone bending band runs right along that history line with 23 years of service to the industry and nearly one-hundred releases, (we’re almost there)! Spoofs, comedy, horror, dementia and sci-fi define their fast paced clinically insane punk rock as evidenced in their rendition of, “I Hope You’re Dead.” However, in the unfortunate scenario that you’re still alive, Potbelly will send you through “The Maze”.



Recently Released (11.12.18): Zeke - "All the Way" 7in. EP


The miracle of Zeke occurs all over the world and has for the past twenty-six years. Often compared to Motorhead, these eternal players have launched themselves into the historical digits of Metal / Rock / Punk / Grunge / and Skull Crushing Thrash. Full-throttle-high-octane Rock ‘n’ Roll. Let the notorious drip baby because it’s time to go All The Way with Zeke.

This neck-stretching seven-inch vinyl EP is filled with five blistering tracks produced by the legendary Jack Endino, (Nirvana/Soundgarden/Hole/Supersuckers). Endino captured the essence of their live show, which has been described as a train wreck of energy. “Action baby, Action, complete Zeke rock ‘n’ roll satisfaction.” A blend of music that crosses all the different genres forcing them into a head on collision and amplifying the delight of it for all. It’s not ‘All For One and One For All’ It’s ‘All The Way’ and the expectations are that you will crank it up every day.


GG Allin


As a Rock star, what would it take to make you feel like you've accomplished your dreams, and truly achieved success? Would it be number of albums sold worldwide? Platinum records? Money?? For those who have dreams more "status" in nature, this is typically the case. However, there are those who live their lives by a very different set of ideals and goals; this particular breed of musician waves their middle finger at status symbols, society and refuses to conform to the world's idea of "normal".  These are the people who create music to create music, who NEVER sell out but instead they stay true to themselves, no matter what the cost, the musicians who inspire future generations of musicians and music lovers alike, to do the same.  


Upcomming Dehumanizers release announcement


 announce release date for the anticipated Fresh Corn and Premium Bananas set on Inauguration Day 2017.


Christmas 2016 Release: Potbelly- Test of Time


Potbelly Releasing Test of Time just in time for Christmas Day!