Porn Stars of Horror


The Porn Stars of Horror

The porn stars of horror was a horror punk side project for Jason Potbelly and his wife Christi Rodger. The band formed in summer 2010 and sadly broke up just a few years later, in early 2015.  Within that five year period, the band released:

one full length cd "letters from the morgue"

a split 7" with the pistol whipped prophets

a split 7" with potbelly

a split 7" with stupid in stereo

a full length cassette tape

two 7" e.p.'s

a three way split cd with potbelly and the skexies, and were also featured in a handful of compilation 7"s and cds. The band only played shows in Washington and Oregon without touring, as Jason was touring with Potbelly.


The Porn Stars of Horror was a talented collaboration of:  

Christi Rodger-vocals/bass 2010-2015

Jason Potbelly-vocals/guitar 2010-2015

Kyle Thrasher-vocals/guitar 2010-2015

T.j. Animal-drums 2010-2015

Bryan Cooper-guitar 2013-2014

Nick Horngren-drums 2010

Justin Irola-vocals 2011-2012

Munkle the crack-bass 2011-2012