Slave To Thy Master (Revamped & Revisited)

El Duce

El Duce is a full-on drunk with a distorted attitude, singing and ranting about sex and all other topics on which he can and will offend.

According to the book “Who Killed Kurt Cobain?” by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin, El Duce (Eldon Hoke) showed up at Drew Gallagher's home on April 17, 1997, asking where he could get a fake driver’s license. Hoke was paranoid and nervous and in fear for his life. When Gallagher asked why he needed one, Hoke responded, “People get buried in cornfields, people get lost in swamps.” The author claims that Hoke had been told who killed Kurt Cobain, and secretly informed Gallagher.

Hoke's final musical performance was given on Friday, April 18, 1997, at Al’s Bar in downtown Los Angeles. He died on April 19, 1997, in Riverside, California, after being hit by a train.

This collection is a tribute to El Duce’s life and offbeat sense of humor. It also includes drunken rants, as El Duce was the textbook drunk, lost in his liquor.

Enjoy and prepare to be offended!

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