The Dehumanizers:
Everett Hardcore Kings!!

   An advertisement for a demo tape by The Dehumanizers, titled Save The World, appeared in a 1984 issue of Metal Forces magazine. What no one knew was that neither the tape nor even the band existed. International orders began pouring in, prompting Infra ED to quickly write some songs. One by one, he laid down each instrumental track for each song himself. The demo became a roaring success. Now all ED needed to do was recruit musicians for the band. 
   He enlisted Zoli Semenate to play guitar and John “Mort” Mortensen on bass. These three founding members recorded the EP Kill Lou Guzzo. Mort subsequently left the group unexpectedly, and was replaced on bass by Phil Bentz. Joe Daut was added on vocals as well. This lineup recorded The Dehumanizers’ first full album, End Of Time. A few years later, Here’s To You was released, featuring ED, Zoli, and Mort on one side, and Joe, ED, Lonnie Troll, and Muddy Watanabe on the other. In 1991, the band produced a fourth release, Go Hollywood, with ED, Phil, and studio musician Keith Livingston. 
   Today, The Dehumanizers feature a rotating lineup. Zoli and ED are the two central players who are consistently involved. Joe continues to work with the band, and plans to return full-time. Mort, who also played with the Mono Men, has passed on. Phil, Lonnie, Muddy, and Keith are all involved with other bands. 
   The Dehumanizers play a unique form of skate punk, filled with humor, drug references, and political commentary. These legends will soon celebrate their 40th anniversary as a hardcore band, and have no plans to let up. They have been called the Rolling Stones of punk rock. They will never start stopping. The numerous personnel changes have been made to ensure longevity, rather than because of loss of interest. The core remains intact.

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