Claudia- Bernadette Catharina

Claudia- Bernadette Catharina was born in Vienna Austria. Her Father is an Austrian Folk Musician. Her mother was a language teacher and encouraged our linguistic musician Claudia to learn English, Bosnian, Serbian, Russian, Croatian, Italian, and Hungarian, in addition to her native tongue, German. Presently, she is also studying Arabic. Her language skills have made it very easy for her to perform throughout Europe, and one day the entire world.


Her father’s influence and her own ambitions led her to be classically trained to play the flute, piano, church organ, contrabass, and electric bass, her instrument of choice. She is also a skilled vocalist. As a youth, she was part of a Children’s Musical Group from Wiener, Austria. She also attended a musically detailed high school and was one of the most active participants right up to graduation.


Modern day Claudia is based out of Berlin, Germany. In addition to music, Claudia also writes literature and has a clothing line. She works with a designer in Dubai and another in Sarajevo who have been making Islamic Woman’s Clothing. Claudia takes their knowledge and her knowledge of Islamic culture and combines it with European styles, particularly Bosnian and Croatian to create her own unique patterns and flair.