The Killer Smiles

   Legendary Dead Kennedys guitarist East Bay Ray has collaborated with bandmate Skip McSkipster, current vocalist for Dead Kennedys as well as The Wynona Riders, to create an exciting new group named The Killer Smiles. Steve Wilson, who backed t.A.T.u., and Greg Reeves, who has played with Hanni El Khatib, round out the lineup. For the band’s members, the name The Killer Smiles evokes images of wolves in sheep’s clothing and silver-tongued phonies; those masks people wear to hide their true intentions and con others. 
   PIG Records is proud to present The Killer Smiles’ album Raising the Stakes. Its recording was guided by producer (and Butthole Surfers guitarist) Paul Leary, best known for producing Sublime’s massive, self-titled CD, along with their single “Santeria”. Raising the Stakes was mastered by Jack Endino. A new classic, worthy of the band members’ heavy reputations!