Screaming Bloody Marys

   Screaming Bloody Marys (SBM) are a punk band from the San Francisco Bay Area. The group was founded in late 1988, during the grunge era. They played up and down the West Coast with many other bands, including Dwarves, The Supersuckers, and L7, and they did a few dates with Soundgarden as well. 
   Die Laughing Records released SBM’s first seven-inch single, “Bloody Bath”, in 1989. It was rereleased by Sympathy for the Record Industry in 1991. SBM would tour across the United States and Canada in the next several years, playing with bands such as The Didjits, Gargoyles, Raw Power, MDC, Lagwagon, The Vibrators, U.K. Subs, English Dogs, The Flesh Eaters, and Lazy Cowgirls. SBM also appeared with Johnny Thunders. 
   From 1992 through 1994, SBM produced several singles on various labels, including Puncrock, I-94, Industrial Strength, Smut Pedlurz, Frisbee, and the Japanese label Wallabies. In addition, Mordant Records released an SBM–Vibrators split. 
   In 1995, Maurice Torres, of the band Manic Hispanic, and Steve Soto, of the Adolescents, signed SBM to Doctor Dream Records. Subsequently, the label released the group’s full-length debut, Get In, Get Off, Get Out, which was produced by East Bay Ray, and featured guitar work by him as well. The album charted at the Virgin Megastores in San Francisco and New York for five weeks. 
   SBM toured Europe and Japan several times each in 1996, with bands including Raw Power, The Members, The Vibrators, Teengenerate, and Guitar Wolf. The group returned to the studio in 1997 to record their second album for Doctor Dream, only to implode and break up. 
   Nearly two decades later, in 2015, Dick Manitoba asked SBM to get back together to play at a reunion of Manitoba’s band, The Dictators. The show, which took place at Slim’s in San Francisco and also featured D.O.A., was a rousing success. After some shuffling of personnel that year, SBM settled on a solid lineup. 
   SBM include Mike Tringali, of The Next and the Dix, and Dave Dalton, of Cell Block 5, The Unfortunate Bastard, and Die Laughing Records. 
   Tymber, SBM’s drummer, counts among her influences Keith Moon, Neil Peart, and Gene Krupa, among many others. She hails from Seattle, where she has played with Slam Suzzanne. She also has been a part of NorCal’s most dangerous surf band, the Deadlies, and plays with The Hyperdrive Kittens. 
   Bassist Shawn Miller has studied with jazz great Glenn Richman at the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, California, and first cut his teeth in the ’90s in the Santa Cruz punk scene, with bands such as MDC and Dead Kennedys. A versatile gig and session player, he is constantly in demand, and has worked with Voodoo Dolly, Eric McFadden, and countless others. 
   SBM’s vinyl EP Tuppence, mastered by the legendary Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden), is now available from PIG Records. 
   A release from Label 51 Recordings and Flatiron Recordings is planned for the fall of 2024. 
   SBM are endorsed by Blackstar Amplification, Zemaitis Guitar Company, and Ruby Tubes.