Long before PIG Records, there were Musicians who rebelled. Musicians that spoke their minds and became the voice of a revolution, who spat in the face of anyone that tried to censor them. Our brothers- inspirations and Pioneers who embodied everything that PIG Records was founded on- creative freedom of expression, and refusal to be oppressed by political dictation or societal norms. Real-ass-punks, we can take a lesson from. The graveyard honors the obscure, twisted genius', that shaped a generation of free thinkers. 

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 Victor Haydon (a/k/a the Mascara Snake.) 

August 16th, 1948 to December 7th, 2018.

Victor was a multi-talented and rare individual who fascinated people. Victor recorded and performed with the Captain Beefheart Band under the name Mascara Snake. He was a fine artist known for his work with Absolut Vodka. The ‘Absolut Washington’ was perhaps his most well known work. He created album covers for Captain Beefheart, The Melvin’s, Neurosis, Poison Idea, Potbelly, etc., as well as the Senseless Death compilation North American Version on Ever Rat Records. Victor owned Alchemy Records and broke such bands as Neurosis, The Melvin’s, RKL and launched Poison Idea to the next level. He was the founder of Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll’s ‘Gilman Street Club’ in Berkeley California. Victor was an instrumental part of the band LSD ReXxx. He appeared on Shut The Fuck Up & Listen Volume Two under the name Mascara Snake. PIG Records will reissue both LSD ReXxx and the Mascara Snake recordings. In the year of the pig, 2007 , PIG Records was established. At that time until his death he was the Director of A & R at PIG. (He was replaced with all due respect by Jason ‘Potbelly’ Rodger’ by Vic’s request.) PIG founder, David Ulysses Portnow and Victor published a book called Twisting Through The Fifth World. Best selling author Pamela Des Barres and Vic collaborated on a number of projects. His artwork hangs in the Absolut Museum in Sweden. Fifty percent of his ashes are on display at the home of Pamela, while the other fifty keep his spirit in the mix at the offices of PIG. We hope to someday have his ashes exhibited at an art museum.

Sadly, Victor died of complications from being run over by a minivan.

Kyla Brown

October 30th, 1990 - August 18th, 2018


Kyla Brown died in a car crash. She is the first female to be enshrined into the Pig Graveyard. She was a model for PIG and others. She charms the inside cover of Pig’s ‘Shut The Fuck Up & Listen Volume X!” She was only 28 at the time of her passing. Rest ye’ in peace oh young one and thanks for filling our Graveyard with eloquence and beauty, just as you did when you were amongst the living!

 Tom (Pig Champion) Roberts

Poison Idea

Our Namesake

A title like "Pig Champion" is a lot to live up to. Tom Roberts, however, had no problem proving himself to be worthy. To this day he still holds the record for largest lead guitarist in music history, weighing in at 450 lbs. Despite his (for pansy ass bitches) disabling  girth, he toured with Poison Idea for over 20 years, released dozens of albums, and made an enormous impression on the hardcore scene. With his massive dedication, he inspired Pig Records to carry on his name , and legacy. Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts, you have made a permanent impression on the couch cushion of our souls.

11/04/1958 - 01/31/2006






GG Allin (Kevin Allin)

Anti-Social Personality Disorder – Live! GG Allin's live album, was initially intended to be released by Enigma Records; the label cancelled the release after his assault arrest that year.  In stepped the fearless David Portnow with his previous label: Ever Rat Records, to ensure that musical and creative freedom prevail.






El Duce (Eldon Wayne Hoke)


"Rest ye' well my friend"

03/23/1958 - 04/19/1997






Giuseppe Codeluppi

Raw Power

"Hear that guitar screaming from heaven's gutter!"


12/27/1957 - 10/06/2002






Chibon "Chewy" Batterman

The Accused

The Return of Martha Splatterhead originally released on David Portnow's first label, Subcore Records.

09/03/1965 - 02/17/1996



 Sonnie "FlyTrap" Cozine


Sonnie Cozine has numerous pieces of unpublished artwork and record covers, all of which will eventually see the light of day. I will make sure of that. He spent more than three decades of his life creating art for Northwest independent music scene, particularly punk and metal. At the ripe old age of 14 his first show flyer was published. By the time he was 18, his creations included over 200 posters and several album covers. He continued this service for the remainder of his life. During this run, Sonnie designed and packaged the following projects for PIG Records.


1) Shut The Fuck Up & Listen Volume VIII 7” (Full jacket & cover art.)

2) Pamela Des Barres / Dehumanizers 7” (Repackaged)

3) Dehumanizers “Fresh Corn & Premium Banana’s” CD

4) Dehumanizers poster

5) Business cards, advertisements and numerous Pig logos, (we have hundreds.)


I knew Sonnie for over three decades, but during the last two years of his life I spoke with him daily and visited occasionally. On a personal level I would like to say goodbye to my great friend. On a business level his loss has impaired PIG RECORDS. Your service was invaluable.


An adaptation of Richard Hung Himself by the Adolescents/DI in memory of the late, great Sonnie Cozine-




Cause Sonnie Hung Himself


Sonnie Hung Himself


It Happened Just The Other Day


Jesus Caught And Push Him Off The Shelf


He Thought He’d Find A Better Way




-David Ulysses Portnow a/k/a PIG-


02/18/73 - 07/28/17




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