Anthony Ausgang 

Anthony Ausgang was born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1959 to a Dutch mother and Welsh father. Raised in Texas, Ausgang was fascinated by the surf and hot rod mythology of California, so in 1980 he lit out for the Left Coast. After a brief stint at the Otis Art Institute, Ausgang began showing his work at the Zero One Gallery in Hollywood. At this time, Ausgang’s artistic production consisted of custom painted automobiles, original acrylic paintings, and commercial illustration. During the early ‘90s, Ausgang showed in New York City with the Bess Cutler Gallery and also designed several album covers for Sony Music. Ausgang continued painting on automobiles, and his 1936 Plymouth coupe was included in the 1993 hot rod art exhibition Kustom Kulture at the Laguna Beach Art Museum. In 2009 Ausgang’s work was included in the exhibition Apocalypse Wow! at the MACRO museum in Rome, Italy, and in 2014, Ausgang curated the Kustom Kulture Milano exhibition in Milan. After designing album covers for the record labels BOMP! and Sympathy For The Record Industry, Ausgang painted the cover of the 2010 MGMT album Congratulations, and in 2016 designed the “Bomb Cat” logo used by Green Day on its album Revolution Radio. The 2018 Design for Kids show in Seoul Korea featured Ausgang’s Pop Surrealist sculptures and the same year his Hot Rod paintings were included in the Petersen Museum’s Auto-Didactic exhibition. Since then Ausgang published his novella The Browser, the final volume of the Puss Titter trilogy, and continues writing his Artillery Magazine blog Cat Call. Please visit for the latest in all things Ausgang.


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