Knuckles is a collection of musicians with deep roots in Seattle. Three were born and raised in the city, and one dropped in from SoCal in his youth. They all spent countless hours devouring as much as they could about the craft of music of all breeds, starting with rock, but eventually ranging from soul to funk to punk to hip-hop, and everything in between. They became pioneers in some important Seattle scenes. Grunge was swirling around, and they were part of where that came from. They tangled together in various units early in life, both figuratively and literally a band of brothers.
   Fast-forward to several years ago. After scattering across the country and exploring its every corner, the musicians were drawn back to their roots. They formed the collaborative Knuckles, continuing to explore a range of music with drive and thirst. Driving rock resting in heavy grooves is still the core of their music, but raw energy and sonic colors fill the voids. Jim Robbins and Kevin Hudson lay the canvas with drums and bass (respectively), while Sean Hudson adds colors unseen with his guitar work. The poetic words of frontman Dan Manier run deep, and are delivered with great vitality and power. In addition, original guitarist Ricardo Middlebrooks collaborated on the composition of all songs. This is pure music drawn from the experience of life and the expression of these bonded souls!