PIG RECORDS, (Portnow Intertainment Group, Inc.) was established in 2007, the 'Year of the Pig', by David Ulysses Portnow. David had owned two prior record labels, Subcore Records in the 1980's and Ever Rat Records in the 1990's. After tremendous success, both of his aforementioned labels were the victims of distributor bankruptcies which eventually led to their demise. After nearly a decade off, David reluctantly returned to create PIG Records. He overcame his reluctance after weeks of being pestered by the legendary front man of Potbelly (Jason Rodger,) and the return to stage of the Dehumanizers. The label was established solely for the purpose of releasing Potbelly and Dehumanizers records and putting out an annual themed seven inch collectors compilation called "Shut The Fuck Up & Listen." Six volumes of the comp are now available and include such legendary names as DI, Jello Biafra, Dwarves, DOA, Misfits, Koffin Kats, Antiseen, etc.

     Only a few months into his new adventure, PIG, David broke down all of his barriers and began producing records at the same torrid pace as he did in the 1980's and 1990's. Pig re-issued El Duce's 'Slave To Thy Master' and the Dehumanizers back catalog, plus new projects by Raw Power, Pamela Des Barres, DOA, and Potbelly. David found himself back in his comfort zone and loving life. Already credited for commercially releasing more Washington State musician's than anyone in history, David's global arm was growing. More PIG Records are sold in Indonesia than anywhere else in the world. Pig returned it's appreciation to that nation by exporting such Indonesian bands as Antiseptic, Trauma, and Citizen Useless. The legend says PIG only releases bands from foreign nations that start with the letter "I". In addition to grabbing Raw Power from Italy, PIG also released Deep Throat from the same country, and The Voodoos from Ireland. Former Queensryche legend Geoff Tate makes an appearance on both of PIG's The VooDoos releases.

     Looking at David's past credits, he delivered on the Accused, GG Allin, and The Mentors. David is a punk rocker who prefers 'comedy based punk' or 'politically based punk.' While the PIG label is a very professional corporation, they still move music the old fashion way by trading products with labels and bands from all around the world and releasing most projects on vinyl. PIG also supports the morals and ideals of the Pyrate Punx organization. PIG is not a punk rock label, but that's the most prevalent noise coming from the label. "When Millions of Dead Cops wanted to do a couple of splits with PIG, I was ecstatic. MDC has always embellished the definition of a true-hard-working punk machine." PIG releases all types of music, merchandising, and print products. Other sounds resonating from PIG include psychobilly, rock 'n' roll, spoken word, metal, alternative, and so much more.

     "My goal with PIG is to release all forms of musical creations. I credit Alternative Tentacles and Mystic Records as influencing me with the PIG label. Alternative Tentacles has always done everything right on an independent scale and produces some of the best music I have ever heard. They are the ultimate business model for PIG. I like the variety they put out.  I had the privilege of having lunch one day with Jello Biafra and I retained every bit of knowledge he presented me with. Jello may own the label, but another gentlemen named Jesse deserves all the credit for it's day to day operations. In 2015, I realized that I needed help and created a Vice President of Operations. Like Jesse, he also only has a first name and it is Mylo. I have modeled the Vice President of Operations position off of the success that Jesse brought to Alternative Tentacles. On the other end of the spectrum was a label from my youth, Mystic Records, operated by a punk rock hero named Doug Moody. I say on the other end of the spectrum because Mystic was not quite as professional as an Alternative Tentacles, but Doug Moody released whatever the fuck he wanted, whenever the fuck he wanted and with such passion and without any concern of whether or not he'd ever make his money back. I love 'vinyl', particulalrly the seven inch format. I would credit Doug Moody and Mystic as the founders of the seven inch craze and I'm pleased to say that PIG is continuing that craze right where Mr. Moody left off. I got your back Doug." Today, PIG operates as a budding young label in the hands of many people.

     In closing, it is important to understand the origin of our name PIG. It is not derived from the Portnow Intertainment Group, Inc. First came the PIG and then came the corporate name. So why PIG? Was it because the label was founded in 2007, 'the year of the PIG,' or was it named for America's most corrupt, the police, which David has publicly criticized for three decades! Depending upon how much liquor Mr. Portnow has in him, you may get a wide variety of answers. The last time I asked him, his response was "The label is named after Tom Pig, a former friend and guitar player who played his guitar like a spoon. I loved watching him perform. 'Pick your king,' mine is Tom Pig!" Tom Pig is deceased but played guitar for Poison Idea right up to his last breath.