Whidbey Island Kings!

   Potbelly formed in January 1995 on Whidbey Island in Washington State. Over the years, the band has produced 162 releases, including 9 full length albums, as well as splits with giants such as D.O.A., D.I., Dwarves, The Accüsed, MDC, Fang, and many more. 
   Potbelly has always been a revolving door of best friends and family. 
   Co-founder Jason Potbelly is the only member to have been every lineup, and he has played every show. Except for some brief absences, founding member Ken Ball has also been with the band continuously, and has played on every release. Jeff Thayer, who joined in 1996, has been in and out of the group a few times, but clocks in as the longest-running drummer in Potbelly’s history, having played in the band for a total of 22 years.
   Currently,  Potbelly consists of only these three musicians, but there have been as many as seven members of the group on stage at one time. Gigs, studio work, and touring have been continual since day one, reflecting the band’s strong work ethic. 29 years after the formation of the group, it is still releasing new material, and appearing on stages globally.  

Oak Harbor, Washington, 2016  


      Eugene, Oregon, 2015 

In front of the band room on Whidbey Island, 2015


Potbelly/Siknes- “20 songs live.” CD. 1998.
Potbelly/Abortion Clinic- “You Rape Them, We Scrape Them.” cassette tape. 1999.
Potbelly/The Zero Squad- “As Drunk As A Poet On Pay Day.” 7”. Useless Record(ing)s. 1999.
Potbelly/Abortion Clinic/Violation/Shikshadle- “We Will Eat The Dead”. CD. 2001.
Potbelly/Shikshadle- “VS” CD. Fierce It Up Records. 2003.
Potbelly/The Skexies- “Tits And 8 Balls.” 7”. Small And Shameless Records. 2005.
Potbelly/The Accused- “Songs Of Horror And Alcoholism.” 7”. PB Records/P.I.G Records. 2005.
Potbelly/S2C. 7”. PB Records. 2006.
Potbelly/Butt Trumpet. 7”. PB Records. 2006.
Potbelly/The Brain dead. 7” PB Records. 2006.
Potbelly/Potty Mouth Society- “Beer Metal Up Your Ass.” 7”. Beer Metal Records. 2007.
Potbelly/The Skexies- “Vol. 2.” 7”. OHT Productions/PB Records. 2007.
Potbelly/10 Minute Warning- “Then And Now.” 7”. Crash Assailant Records. 2008.
Potbelly/Toe Tag/Project 9/Plankton Beat- “Attack On The Puget Sound.” 7”. PB Records. 2008.
Potbelly/Bigtop- “Split Mother Fucking Seven Inch.” 7”. PB Records. 2009.
Potbelly/7.Y.O.B.G. 7”. Beer Metal Records. 2009.
Potbelly/Tunsa Fun- “Whidbey Islands Most Hated.” CD. PB Records. 2010.
Potbelly/Porn Stars Of Horror/The Skexies- “This That And Some Other Shit.” CD. P.I.G Records/PB Records. 2011.
Potbelly/The Porn Stars Of Horror. 7” picture disk. PB Records/P.I.G. Records/1332 Records. 2011.
Potbelly/D.O.A.- “The Vagabond Sessions.” 12”. Sudden Death Records/PB Records/P.I.G. Records. 2011.
Potbelly/Alcojuana. 7”. PB Records. 2012.
Potbelly/Citizen Useless- “Viva La Vaginyl.” 7”. P.I.G. Records. 2012.
Potbelly/Toe Tag. 7” Picture disk. P.I.G. Records/1332 Records/PB Records. 2013.
Potbelly/13 Scars. 7”. Snatchee Records. 2013.
Potbelly/Fang. 7”. P.I.G. Records/Snatchee Records/1332 Records/PB Records. 2013.
Potbelly/Days N Daze- “Oogles Doogles Punx And Drunks.” 7”. PB Records/Broken Bitch Face Records. 2013.
Potbelly/Days N Daze/Dirty Kid Discount/Rich And Rare Rebels. 7”. Snatchee Records/PB Records. 2014.

“6 More Reasons For Birth Control.” 7”. Crash Assailant Records. 2008.
“Social Eye Sores.” 7”. Reformed Records. 2008.
“2011: A Spaced Oddity.” CD. 1332 Records. 2011.

“I'm Fucked.” 7”. Release date unknown.
“Live At The Rodger House”. 12”. Release date unknown.
“Emergency Broad Cast System” CD. Release date unknown.
“Army Of Drunkness.” CD. Release date unknown.

Live releases
“Live In Everett.” Cassette tape. No Talent Music. 1997.
“Army Of Drunkness” 12”/CD. 1332 Records/Twitch! 2009.
“Alive Archive” 12”. Twitch! 2011.

“4 More Reasons for Birth Control.” Cassette tape. 1995.
“Kaos Day.” Cassette tape, 1996.
“Where Dose Hitler End, And Rush Limbaugh Began?” Cassette tape. 1996.
“I'm Fucked.” Cassette Tape. 1997.
“Offending The Masses.” Cassette tape. 1997.
“Contributing To Minors.” Cassette tape. 1998.
“Swillers.” CDR. 2004.
“Proceeds Go To Beer.” CDR. 2005.
“We Don't Care If You Like Us.” CDR. 2006.
“Kings Of Drunk.” CDR. 2006.

“The Archives.” CD. PB Records. 2007.
“The Archives Vol. 2.” CD. PB Records. 2008.
“Odds And Ends.” 7”. PB Records. 2010.
“1995-2013, The Archives.” Double 12”. S.G.T.P.I.G. Records. 2014.

“Motel Hell.” VHS. Cookie Cutter Productions. 1996.
“30 Years Of Northwest Punk.” DVD. Land Of Dave Productions. 2006.

Full-length albums
“Blood Boobs And Beer.” CD. Beer Metal Records. 2006. 12”. Twitch! 2013.
“Runs Good, Needs Work.” CD. Crash Assailant Records. 2007.
“Pop Princess Blues.” CD. Crash Assailant Records. 2009.
“Sterilize The Stupid.” CD/12”. P.I.G. Records. 2009.
“A Tale In Debauchery.” 12”. P.I.G. Records. 2010.
“Est. 95.” CD/12”. P.I.G. Records. 2015.
“Test Of Time.” P.I.G. Records. 2016.
“Legacy of Debauchery.” P.I.G. Records. 2019.
“Necessity of Rebellion.” P.I.G. Records. 2022.

“Music To Fuck Your Sister to.” CD. Lame Records. 1997.
“The 187 Comp.” 7”. Lame Records. 1998.
“Beer City Sampler Vol. 6.” CD. Beer City Records.1999.
“A Compilation For The People That Give Fuck.” CD. 10 Things/Lame Records. 1999.
“Sink The Island.” 7”. PB Records. 2004.
“Corruption Of American Youth.” CD. Crash Assailant Records. 2007.
“United Underground.” CD. PB Records. 2007.
“Punx N Pints.” CD. Sliver Records. 2008.
“Fists Of Furry.” CD. Reformed Records. 2008.
“United Underground Vol. 2.” CD. PB Records. 2008.
“Shut The Fuck Up And Listen.” 7”. P.I.G. Records/PB Records. 2008.
“Shut The Fuck Up And Listen Vol. 2.” 7”. P.I.G. Records/PB Records/1332 Records. 2009.
“Corruption Of American Youth Vol. 2.” CD. Crash Assailant Records. 2010.
“Evilive Vol. 2” CD. 1332 Records. 2010.
“Shut The Fuck Up And Listen Vol. 3” P.I.G. Records/1332 Records/PB Records. 2010.
“Retro As Hell: A Tribute To The Dehumanizers.” CD. P.I.G. Records. 2010.
“Tales From The Pit.” 7”. PB records/Pyrate Punk Records. 2010.
“Sink The Island Vol. 2.” 7”. PB Records/1332 Records. 2010.
“Zombie Pit.” CD. P.I.G. Records. 2010.
“Shut The Fuck Up And Listen Vol. 4.” 7”. P.I.G. Records/1332 Records/PB Records. 2011.
“Evilive Vol. 3.” CD. 1332 Records. 2011.
“Save The Ache Punx.” Cassette tape. Indonesian Pyrate Records. 2011.
“Save The Ache Punx Vol. 2.” Cassette tape. Indonesian Pyrate Records. 2011.
“Tales From The Pit Vol. 2.” 7”. PB Records/Pyrate Punk Records. 2011.
“Shut The Fuck Up And Listen Vol. 6.” 7”. P.I.G. Records/1332 Records/PB Records. 2012.
“Tales From The Pit Vol. 3.” 12”. PB Records/Pyrate Punk Records/P.I.G. Records/1332 Records. 2013.
“Tales From The Pit Vol. 4.” 7”. PB Records/Pyrate Punk Records. 2013.
“Careful What You Step In.” 7”. 48th Ave Records. 2013.
“Careful What You Step In Vol. 2” 7”. 48th Ave Records. 2013.
“Careful What You Step In Vol 3.” 7”. 48th Ave Records. 2014.
“Anthems From The Underground.” 12”. P.I.G. Records/PB Records/1332 Records/48th Ave Records/Crash Assailant Records/48th Ave Records/Snatchee Records/Pyrate Punk Records/Alco Productions. 2014.
“Shut The Fuck Up And Listen Vol 7”


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