Denny McDonald

   Denny McDonald is a multi-instrumentalist who is classically trained in jazz bass, drums and trumpet, and also plays guitar and piano/synth.
   Denny started playing publicly in 1988, at age 18, with Seattle rap-rock group Action Buddie. He took up rhythm guitar duties in the band, flanked shortly thereafter by guitarist Danny Brown (H-Hour), who added the heavy over the group’s rhythmic grooves. Action Buddie mixed rap, rock and funk with other elements, creating an exciting live experience. The band was managed by Wendy Wilson (Mother Love Bone), and had a release on Ever Rap/Ever Rat Records in 1991.
   Denny has always been passionate about sonic landscapes, and his work covers the range from heavy, guitar-driven rock to quiet, symphonic tracks. His debut album, Legacy Rules (PIG Records), spans 25 years of various recordings, and serves up a variety of musical styles that have been explored by Denny.
   Denny engineers, mixes and produces all of his own music. As well, he engineers, produces, and performs with the synthetic-electronic duo of Lather (also on PIG Records), consisting of Brendan O’Donnell (Hotwater Music) and drummer Mike Osborne, in addition to recording and producing a handful of other artists.
   Denny is a proud native of the Pacific Northwest, born and raised in Everett, just 18 miles north of Seattle.